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Sonoco helps man-made fibre yarn producers grow their business through increased productivity, profitability and sustainability.

In an always fluctuating business environment, Sonoco global tubes and cores has remained an industry leader through customer-focused, product and service innovation and consistency for 120 years. And while many factors have played an important role in the company growth, Sonoco’s belief in maintaining a clear mission of problem solving for customers through new technology has been the main contributor. And one primary area of focus has been to deliver 100% recyclable, high-quality cores.

A focus on sustainability has always been part of our company DNA. Sonoco has actually been recycling for 100 years, before the media hype and have a recycling division as part of the organization.

Product Innovation

This ITMA, Sonoco is taking another historic step in problem solving for man-made fibre yarn producers and will be showcasing a new innovation to help their customers grow their business even more. Through a patented innovation that will be introduced at the fair, Sonoco is not only supporting their customers business goals, but the environment as well. The product being introduced is focused on driving sustainability and profitability for manufacturers in the form of the first, fully-repulpable core, customized for use in the global Spandex industry.

Another innovation which continues to deliver tangible benefits to many of today’s textile producers is the IntelliTexCoreTM. Thanks to strong partnerships and unified customer commitments, Sonoco is presenting Industry 4.0 RFID technology that enables significant cost savings by reducing lost inventory and ghost waste, while increasing working capital and a range of other operational advantages for yarn producers. This is all possible through tube identification, which will be demonstrated in action at the ITMA booth.

Certainty and Continuity of Supply

One of the challenges facing larger textile producers today is the increasing demand for paper and the subsequent impact on the cost of paper tubes. Sonoco has the advantage of a vertically integrated business model. First, running its own recycling stations is not only convenient to manufactures who need to remove scrap, but this also aids in their sustainability efforts. In addition, being able to provide yarn producers with consistent, high-quality paper for their tubes, provides security, saves time and ultimately has a positive impact on their bottom line.


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