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Company introduces recyclable, recycled and bio-based denim solutions during

Hyosung Denim Days

Denim is being held to environmentally friendly standards as consumers put pressure on brands and retailers to reduce jeans’ ecological footprint. In response, Hyosung has developed a number of sustainable denim solutions, which it will present to industry members during its personalized Denim Days event taking place in New York City, Los Angeles and London, November 8-12, 2021. Denim solutions presented include: 

creora® 3D Max spandex – for recyclable jeans. Circularity is top of mind and denim brands and mills are following Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign guidelines for recyclable denim. Jeans Redesign’s standards are meant to create jeans that are both more durable and easier to separate and recycle. Hyosung helps denim brands and mills fit the program criteria with its creora® 3D Max spandex.

creora® regen spandex – for jeans made with 100% recycled materials. Hyosung’s creora® regen spandex, which is made of 100% reclaimed waste, has a 67 percent smaller carbon footprint than conventional spandex. 

creora® bio-based spandex – for jeans made with renewable resources. Hyosung’s creora® bio-based spandex replaces 30 percent of chemicals with ones derived from dent corn. When the corn is growing it consumes carbon dioxide, thus reducing greenhouse gases.

GRS-certified 100% recycled multi-function fibers – for jeans with added performance. Hyosung’s portfolio of 100% recycled Mipan® regen nylon and regen polyester yarns with multi-functional properties such as cooling and drying, light-weight, cotton-touch and comfort stretch.

For more information on Hyosung Denim Days dates and locations, visit the Hyosung Performance blog and LinkedIn page.


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