BOLOGNA – Advanced apparel technologies manufacturer Dainese Group is developing an innovative workwear jacket which integrates D-Air safety technology that deploys strategically placed airbags when a user is pneumatically sensed to be falling from a height of up to two metres.

The appropriately named ‘Safety Jacket’, designed in collaboration by occupational health academics at Bologna's Università Alma Mater Studiorum and Policlinico di Sant'Orsola-Malpighi, is made up of electronic and pneumatic elements. The electronics feature three accelerometer and three gyroscopes that send continuous data to a computer which runs a sophisticated algorithm which looks for fall conditions.

The pneumatic element – which refers to the air pressure applied to the jacket, in this case – intrinsically senses the increased air flow present when a fall occurs, and as a result, deploys airbags placed to reduce the impact of a fall.

Dainese says that the system can also protect against "pendulum-effect" impacts for harness-wearing staff working above 2 metres.

The Safety Jacket is now undergoing real-world testing.


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