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WICHITA – Cordura have launched an expanded range of protective, performance fabric technologies which are to be applied to its outerwear and workwear apparel. These new textiles will be demonstrated as part of the company’s ‘Live Durable’ campaign at the A+A show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Cordura, who are owned by Invista, states that the new range will feature high-performance textiles used to manufacture: luggage; upholstery; backpacks; footwear; military equipment; tactical wear; workwear and performance apparel.

One of the flagship products Cordura have released is a collection of hi-vis laminate apparel which it claims provides new levels of lightweight and waterproof protection and will be manufactured with durable 2 and 3 layer laminated fabrics. This new hi-vis apparel will be available in fabric weights of between 140 gsm and 220 gsm, these garments will be targeted for use in road and rail construction as well as security and emergency services.

The announcement also heralded updates to apparel in the company’s flame retardant, denim and the ‘4ever’ fleece products. Cindy McNaull, global brand and marketing director at Invista, explained that the launch is part of a considered effort to improve the comfortability of workwear: “In a work environment, fit for purpose requirements dictate the functionality of the garment, but worker comfort should not be ignored.”

The A+A trade show, ‘the largest international trade forum for safety, security and health at work’, will take place on 17-20 October at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre.

Web: www.cordura.com


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